The Reason For Active City Windsor

In recent years, extracurricular activities have become readily available in the Windsor-Essex County area. From beach volleyball leagues, to the Colour Run, and numerous yoga studios present in the region, being active is what the community enjoys doing in their spare time. With that being said, there are hundreds of sports activities the Windsor-Essex County community offers, and not many know what is actually available.

What is Active City Windsor?

Active City Windsor is an online directory for sports and activities available in the Windsor-Essex County area. It helps moms, dads, amateur athletes and weekend warriors alike, to find their favourite sports and/or sporting events in the Windsor-Essex region.

Our Mission

Provide a resource for the local community to promote active living and connect with extracurricular organizations throughout their local area.

Serving The Community

No matter which town the person is in, they can find the online sports directory and they will see the best organizations in the city. People will be able to share their experience with organizations and write a review. With these reviews, future users of the Active City Windsor sports directory will help others to decide where to go, and which offers the best active experience.

Promoting Awareness of Businesses

From a business owner’s perspective, Active City Windsor will be able to help gyms, sports clubs, leagues, tournaments, camps, personal trainers, sports organizations and many others. Active City will develop a strong web presence and give users an opportunity to have multiple options to choose from.